I needed a fun way to touch-free hand out candy for trick or treaters this Halloween so I decided to make the spookiest Minecraft Character in the game with the #minecraft Enderman. This was a [More]
Subscribe to stay magical! â–ºhttps://bit.ly/2roAxoE So I decided that for my WONDROUS return to videos, I would turn myself into a life-size Minecraft Enderman… because I wanted to… Why not, right? With all the Minecraft [More]
Template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NMmXhPM3JBCSlblUlYBfaP2f04btrQTW/view?usp=sharing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paperdogchannel/ How to make: 1. Print the template 2. Cut 3. Paint 4. Then watch our video and make your toy step by step Also don’t forget about this buttons: 1. Subscribe [More]
Give these Enderman loot bags to the kids undone so they have something to craft during the party.
Sarah and Colby discuss how to light an Enderman costume and an Enchanted sword from Minecraft. Lighting up Halloween costumes not only look great, they add to the safety and visibilty as well. Fairy Moon [More]