Hello everyone today I have done this little test for you guys to see what type of person you are! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guys These are the answers: Kind- 1. Flowers, 2. Darkness, 3. The bad things [More]
Today I’m going to show you how to tame a cat! – But I can’t tame this kitten and I lost my cat named Jake! – And Faith the cat I have her in real [More]
Timestamps: 0:08 Xmas tree decoration 0:26 Door balls decoration 1:22 Lollipops decor idea 1:50 Grinch decoration 2:33 Foam sheet Xmas tree 2:56 Glasses and balls 4:32 Old pot decoration This video is made for entertainment [More]
Escucha aquí nuestra nueva canción “Festival” en Spotify: http://bit.ly/Festivalspotify Mira aquí nuestro nuevo vídeo musical “Festival” https://youtu.be/w9Wkp3ygJmk Escucha aquí nuestra nueva canción “Festival” en Spotify: http://bit.ly/Festivalspotify Disfraz de Minecraft Polinesios en este video les voy [More]
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So you waited until the last minute to get your Halloween costume? No fear! This video will show you how to make several costumes out of one classic men’s clothing staple, The Flannel Shirt. Read [More]
See how to build the skeleton and wither skeleton from the video game Minecraft at multiple scales using #LEGO pieces. My new favorite website: http://ata4.info/mcdim/ Buy #LEGO Minecraft products: http://bit.ly/BuyLEGOMinecraft Table of contents: Tiny Skeletons [More]
In this video i will build a Werewolf costume which you can easily make at home if you have some hoax fur, yoga mat and patience at home 🙂 This video were sponsored by Scitec [More]
Minecraft Pe 3×3 Funnel Door(Pe/Windows10/bedrock/switch/Xbox)| TheKingPH Don’t click https://bit.ly/33WSVcf Welcome to another redstone tutorial. Today I’ll show you how to build my working 3×3 funnel door. It’s a perfect way to details for your house. [More]
See how you can use Brackitz to create an imaginative (and versatile) Halloween Costume!