It’s my Minecraft obsessed son’s 9th birthday! We decided to do a small Minecraft themed birthday party! I also include 3 must have Puerto Rican party foods! #puertoricanpartyfood #minecraftbirthday #puertoricanrecipe Amazon Affiliate link: Decoration kit: [More] In this tutorial, we teach you install and use the Friends plugin on your Minecraft Java server. This plugin allows you to have friends and parties on your server. Friends: Friends Wiki: [More]
Hey guys, am sharing what party supplies I got Oliver so far. His party is right around the corner. Part 2 soon to come. Thank you for watching.
Hey guys showing y’all the party prep so far for Oliver’s birthday Party. Assembling a creeper face, party supplies haul, and putting together the good bags. Thank you for watching. Oliver party Vlog coming soon. [More]
Buffet table set up for Minecraft birthday party. #shorts #birthdaypartydecor
I had so much fun creating this birthday for my son Christian. he had a blast and ate up all the attention. this is not even half of what we normally do, but due to [More]
Do it yourself – Minecraft Chest Original: