DIY Birthday Photoshoot Backdrop

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In a few simple steps, you can create an amazing backdrop for your birthday. A great birthday decoration you can make at home.
Very basic materials needed:
Push Pin
Twin or string

IG @aanalygarciaa

Music: Meet & Fun by Ofshane


Smashingly Creative says:

OMG! Thank you so much!! We reached 1M+ views! You are so incredible. I will soon post a video answering your questions and comments 😍

Trendy creations says:

Didi where r u from . By the way I'm from punjab.🌹

Alice world says:

30 I thought you are 18

Rock baby ishaan says:

Jo aapne kil lagaya wo kaha se liya uska naam kya h

Sameera Abdul says:

But I am doing it for my mother she is 34 years old now we don't have any money to buy the things

Akash Bharti says:

I am astrologer

Hilaria Diaz says:

Qué bonito Haz más videos te voy a seguir

Harivadan Shah says:

This has my birthday

Sandeep Uprety says:

happy birthday analy

Life of Dida says:

I’m turning 30 next year. Hehe pretty video thanks ❤

Rani Singh says:

Back wala parde kaise milege

RevolverArmygirl says:

Happy Birthday Jimin 💜💜💜💜💜

nessie tea says:

So pretty😍😍😍

Anil Donderiya says:

In first photo she is looking like a garima Goel (garima's good life )😂

Charne Kieser says:

Sooo creative within just a small amount of space 📸😱🥰lovely

Shattered Sunshine says:

My bf also turning 30 this 23rd October

Sampada Singh says:

omg… beautiful you and the decorations…
. please give a link of your top and skirt… ❤

samreen mohd says:

How pins go in wall¿??


You look like a tv actress "Sonu" from "TMKOC" on SAB TV 📺……

Your girl says:

What do we call that pins that u use for curtains

𝓚enzie playz says:

Wow. Thats soo cute. Love. It idk how that was free wen. All u needed was the balloons

Esha sharma says:

oh my God what the f*** is this how can you be 30 years old you look like 15 🥺

Meenu Bajaj says:

Can I know which string or thread u use in falling ballon..must reply osam decorated 👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻💞

Meenu Bajaj says:

Which sting u we in falling no ballon..must reply

Cousin vlogs says:

Wow so pretty

##yo AKN says:

30 impossible 😱😱😱😱


she is not 30. righttttttttttttt

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