How to create a papercraft design for any Minecraft model.

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After watching this short video you will know how to create any simple Minecraft model.

Pixel Papercraft:

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Video made & edited by Paper Dog:

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WaterFall says:

Or, you can use pepakura designer by doing this:
1. Open the model (or the one you modelled) in blockbench and export it to obj (make sure it only has 1 texture)
2. Extract the assets zip file
3. Open the obj with pepakura and import the image
4. It may ask you which is the front, back, how big is it, you can change these settings but if you want to already print it, press ok
4. Press unfold and print
If this doesnt work search for tutorials

The Folded Universe says:

You use Paint? I have always used Microsoft Excel (doesn't work on Google sheets).

angle music X_X says:

U work really really hard
Am I right?

angle music X_X says:

This is really really nice but please make papercraft rascal on website please please 😭🙏

Michi Craft 2.0 says:

whats the link the page texture

snake craft says:

where do you get the texuters from? do you have to geth them from the files of the game or is there a website you can go to for the texture files?

Muhammad Darsin says:

bang saya mau beli di tanah wulan kecamatan maisan bondowoso nurul falah

Hexar Hunter says:

Are you planning on making a how to code generator video?

NewMat _44 says:

A little cuestion, how can i get a official texture???

NewMat _44 says:

Cool! The first Video of the community!!!

TwiceToonz says:

This will really help me when making designs

sans the skelespook • 100 years ago says:

Pretty cool

[DENIAL] says:

i hate the copy right free music

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