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What’s up my friends!
The chests in Minecraft are among the most useful items in the game! You can store all your valuable possessions in them and level up your gameplay. Today, I am going to show you how to make your very own chest out of paper. Yes, it’s pretty small, but you can still open it and put some of your tiniest valuable possessions inside. Cute, yet practical!
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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 Materials used
00:01:22 Chest Base
00:02:56 Chest Base parts
00:05:42 Chest Box
00:08:42 Chest Lid
00:08:50 Chest Lid parts
00:11:44 Chest Lock

Hope you like it!

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Materials used:
– Dark brown cardstock 100 – 200gsm
– Dark yellow cardstock 100 – 200gsm
– Light grey cardstock 100 – 200gsm
– Dark grey cardstock 100 – 200gsm
– Grid lined paper A4 format
– Cutting mat
– Glue
– Mechanical pencil
– X-Acto knife
– Embossing tool
– Sewing scissors
– Ruler
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Wow is looks so good could u make a tropical fish

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This chest looks awesome. I always wondered how to make the boxes can open and close like that. And thanks for your videos I know it now.
I really glad that all your videos brings me useful or new things. I always can learn from that. Thanks you so much!

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Can you make a minecraft tortoise


Nice but I want your cute all paper craft I am a big fan of your paper carft
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