Minecraft Origami ⛏ How to join Origami Cubes like paper Minecraft blocks or Lego bricks

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Learn how to join origami cubes without tape or glue to create cool paper Lego or Minecraft origami animals and characters, paper flowers decorations, fun papertoys and all kind of easy to make paper crafts. ▶ Step by step instructions to make the easy origami cube: https://youtu.be/2uJaWKt3dvE

0:00 New quick and easy origami cube design
0:20 What you can build with the paper cubes
1:04 How to make paper clips to join the cubes
2:18 How to join the origami cubes
5:21 Paper flower, origami sword, Minecraft pig, Soma cube puzzle
5:39 Your folds !

Important note: this new origami cube design is an original origami model created by Stéphane Gigandet protected by copyright law. Do not publish videos, instructions, diagrams, tutorials etc. that show how to fold this origami cube, and instead link to this video or embed it, or link to the https://origami.plus website. Thank you!

This tutorial shows how my new origami cubes can be connected to build modular origami creations. It takes only 2 minutes to fold an origami cube, and with a single square sheet of origami paper (15×15 cm or 6×6 inches), you can make 4 paper cubes.

The paper cubes are joined with simple paper clips that you can slide in the openings in the edges of the cubes. The clips are made with 2 by 1 paper strips (from the same 8 by 1 strips used to make the origami cubes).

Once you have folded some paper cubes, you can let your imagination run free and create paper characters, paper animals, paper flowers, paper buildings, paper toys and all kinds of papercrafts! It’s like Minecraft in real life!

Origami cubes are like paper Lego bricks or Minecraft blocks, and the best part is that you can easily make as many cubes as you need, in any color you want.

In the video, I’m showing a few examples of what you can build with origami cubes:
– a paper flower decoration (perfect as a desk decoration or coffee table decoration) with a stand and/or a leaf
– a Minecraft sword. Minecraft items can be a great source of inspiration! Making Minecraft in real life construtions is a lot of fun!
– a cute origami pig (with a stop motion Minecraft animation)
– a Soma cube puzzle: it’s a very fun game for kids and adults. You have to assemble Tetris like game pieces to make a 3 by 3 cube. It’s not as easy as it seems and there are hundreds of different solutions.

The paper cubes pig was first designed by my 13 year old son using Minecraft. Designing your origami cubes builds in Minecraft first is an easy and quick way to experiment different designs. Once you are happy with the result, you can then fold the necessary origami cubes and assemble them to make the final paper model. If you don’t own Minecraft, you can use the free and open source clone Mineclone or the free Minecraft classic (there’s even a version that you can run in your browser).

I’m very curious to see what kind of papercrafts you will make with the origami cubes!

Please send me pictures of your origami cube builds so that I can show them in future videos and on the https://origami.plus website! You can also join the Origami Cubes group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/362407605493428

My email is stephane@origami.plus and you can also send your origami cubes pictures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/origami.plus or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Origami_Plus

In this video, I show a very cool Minecraft character (Steve) by Lise from France, a nice origami sword by Darrel from Dubai, a lovely origami sailboat picture by Kelly from Canada, a big collection of origami cubes by Fernando from Argentina, a sword and Spiderman by Furqan from Indonesia, paper cubes by Ladislav from the Czech Republic, a lovely paperflower by Lauril from Mexico, a paper cubes hammer by Chteoui from Tunisia, origami cubes from Yashraj from India, Mr and Mrs Ghost by Arkapravo from India, origami cubes by Ansh Ajay from India, and a YouTube Play button by Lulu from Mexico.

Thank you very much for sending me those beautiful pictures! Please keep them coming! 🙂

At the end of the video, I show different models that I created with the new origami cubes. Let me know in the comments which ones you would like to see in the next videos!

Please subscribe to encourage me to create new original, fun and easy origami models and tutorials.

Thank you very much and happy folding!


Little origami world says:

such a genius idea, love it, i will make some tonight to decorate my room! Thx for the tutorial

Sparkbark says:

My vote goes to the soma cube! I just made one of these cubes and I know I'll make alot more!

Belal bazoka says:

Can we get out the clips after building or the clip is stuck in the cubes?

RGN 9H 26 Ritanshi Singh says:

Cube puzzle plz😀😀😁

Kapangai Kamei says:

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Sofija Gavrić says:

Awesome! As someone who grew up playing minecraft, this is a genius idea!!

pooja rathore says:

Please make a Minecraft man with cubes

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Please show minecraft things not how to make them but how they look in origami form you are the best with origami😁

scoror says:

Hi I am obsessed with making these cubes but can u suggest more things to make with 20 of them 🙃

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Origami Cubes like paper Minecraft

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Bro what tool do you use to cut paper strips ??

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