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Are there any Harry Potter fans out there? Here’s your chance to create magical mysterious atmosphere at your home with these awesome hacks!


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2:16 Floating candles
4:49 Yarn dragon
12:57 Super cute umbrellas

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5-Minute Crafts PLAY says:

So what's your favorite hack so far? 🙂

Carolina R says:

if you say "Harry Potter" it has to be harry potter, only the beginning was harry potter in this video.

anita sethu says:

What a rip off 😪

Paul Meyers says:

only like 2 things are harry potter themed

Jean-François UNG says:

Des idées cools, thanks!

marcialbancal says:

I love how you really overwhipped your cream. That IS butterbeer. Litteraly.

Yoon Seo says:


Hermione Jean Granger says:

After watching this video, no Hogwarts students will need to go to Diagon Alley, in particular Olivander’s place.

Tuğba⚡ says:

Şu sondaki fikirlerin Harry Potter ile alakası yok

Kerem Kaya says:

Çoğunun harry potter ile alakası yok beğenmedim.

Isidora Slavkovic says:

Only first 2 minutes are about Harry Potter 😒😩😤

Janina Gheorghe says:


QEfsa says:

Harry potter ile ilgili olmayan herşey burda

Amala Ravi says:

Only first five minutes were harry Potter👦⚡📙🧙‍♂️ more DIANARIUS things ahh 😞😡😭😭😭😭

The Trios says:

This is just clickbait WHY ARE THEY’RE DINOSAURS?

berrychan- says:

dinosaurs have no thing to do wihe harry potter

Octavia Amanda says:

15:22 you're cheating

Octavia Amanda says:

15:22 kan ngechit

Starxcourts says:

What does dinosaurs have to do with Harry Potter

Huzaifa Shah says:

Dinosuars have nothing to do with Harry Potter

Pilar Espi says:

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ANANYA K says:

Craft factory

Juliane H. says:

Well the purple egg is more like a Game of Thrones diy

O. K. says:

I didn't see any dinosaurs in any of the Harry Potter movies..🍀🐍👓⚡️

Dustin Wimberly says:

10:10 WOW really brought back Harry Potter vibes 🥰

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