How To Make Minecraft Cupcakes

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Today as part of a Minecraft collaboration, I made Minecraft cupcakes! I made the Creeper, Grass block, Piggy, Steve, Picaxe, and TNT block cupcakes, but these are not just any old cupcakes they are actually rectangular to keep in theme with the Minecraft square pixel effect. I hope you all enjoy, Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE 🙂 and stay tuned next week for another episode!
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Octoboo says:

Awww, our fun collab ^^ I love this video of you still and also? Congrats on the 500 <3 i am so
Happy for you 😀

BTS ARMy타이러 says:

Before she gets famous we would say i subbed when she had 477 subs

Paola Nolasco says:

Luv it 👌🏻💖

alex torres says:

Hahah thats not a sword silly its a pickaxe

ayesha elturabi. says:

I've just started watching your videos and they are amazing!You have gained a sub.

Lisa Lee says:

At 7:03 steves eyes move :/ creepy lol

Juanitah says:

These are so cute girl you are very creative

Belle Love says:

These are so cute, the filling looks yummy

Healthy Shay says:

Very creative:) Nicely done!! Thanks for sharing

Xaimarys Aimet says:

Super cool. I've always wanted to play mine craft just looks so confusing lol

Ραφαελα Βομβα says:

They look delicious!

Ree Mo says:

Loved this video!

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