How To Make a Giant! | Minecraft Papercraft Tutorial

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Thanks for clicking on this video! I’ve been busy with a bunch of stuff recently, so sorry this came out a little later than I would’ve wanted. Anyways, lemme know if a short little animation skit at the beginning of videos is something you’d like to see on the regular by leaving a comment below πŸ˜€

Design print-out:

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Thx to, its creators, and rooterbuster w.
Thx to C418 for the background music
Thx to YOU for watching!


Thomas GG says:

Can you also do the enderman Whatchling and Whisperer?

Epic Gamer202 says:

the intro animaiton is so smooth :O

LucasBrentGamingYT And More :D says:

Hey could you do a tutorial on the Minecraft papercraft action figure? Thanks!

Carlos_ 33 says:

I love your papercrafts, good work.

Carlos_ 33 says:

Oh it's amazing!!!

AlpandFeride 2013 says:

Hi again, man. I will do this one soon. I just remembered my Minecraft Earth papercraft wheel. Should I use it to pick the next papercraft? Keep it up!

LIL MINT says:

Yesssss I was running out of papercrafts to do im gonna make this tysm btw could u make a tutorial on the bendable enderman no toothpick tysm

michicrack 2 says:

no hablo ingles pero te quedo chido el zombie gigante donde los descargo para aserlo?

josh man says:

nice job man

I love dogs says:

Yay more papercraft!!

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