5 AMAZING DIY LIP BALM IDEAS – Easy & Simple Recipe!

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Hey everyone! Today I’m making 5 DIY LIP BALM designs. I hope you guys enjoy the video – Nim XO

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TITLE: Summertime (REDUX)


Nim C says:

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the video. Let me know which LIP BALM design was your fave?! 😘💕🍪🍕🐼 I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️

Ayushi sharma says:

Meanwhile me ohh finally she made a lip balm

Craft Point says:

you are the best

999 says:

Hey can i add resin on it for a shine?

Shunmugam Ap says:

I liked the panda one

زهرا محمدی says:


Geethika Chetla says:

You are awesome 😎

Siham Sheikh says:

great video! love it!!!!

Kangna Gidwani says:

I loved the panda one 🐼🐼❤

Radhika Dhok says:

Love uu❤️❤️❤️💓😘❤️🙂🙂🙂😘💓

Radhika Dhok says:

Thanks so much

Radhika Dhok says:

I will try it for sure

Radhika Dhok says:

How cute I loved itt!!!!

Reem Ehab says:

My fav is the cookie!

Jagadishwar Rao Amballa says:

i love the panda it is so cute

Nadine Queency says:

It's beautiful😍😍✨✨

Jihad Akel says:

Hello Nim I love your videos !
Amazing 👏🏽🌹

Romeza Kudrath says:

I was watching on tiktok right right and and I was watching LOL tiktok and yeah and that's it and I was watching LOL I had a funny joke to tell you and I said boy LOL and and he was stepping to go to follow shut up I wish you were wrong

kshitish palliative hi and bye says:

I liked all lip balms and all containers

Dmk Shajahan says:

can u say how to make polymer clayh at home

brian delfin says:

I like the panda its so cute 😄😀😁

Tipan Mandala says:

You are so rich n

Arshida Katie_Wish 2020 says:

The pink one,the panda and the cookie.

Tanishqa Daundkar says:

anyone from 2021 missing nim c desperately ☹️

Nitu Goswami says:

You can say in hinfi

diminished_my_food says:

Be like a cookie and just wait and smile untill your acne is over
And sorry ..i this does'nt help it's just a joke and also. …i don't understand the struggle of having acne because i never had acne before,maybe because i don't wear makeup and i don't use any beauty products and i don't have any access to processed food…and when i do: i'm like: "so this is what i've been missing!😑😒,,

Patel Foram says:

My favourite is panda

VijayaLakshmi Senthilraja says:

Bro can anyone tell about the tool used in 3:18

NIkhil Chandan says:

Nice lip balm and nice pictures

Crisduuut says:

beeswax sweet almond oil/olive/coconut essential oil lipstick

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