DIY Gift Wrapped as Dynamite & Plunger

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Overview of how to make a dynamite like gift or present on the cheap. Great for that high energy someone! Unique way to set your gift apart! Works for both adults and children.


Mariela Merino says:

this is great! never seen a diy like this. it's so unique and perfect gift for anyone! i love how you pull the strings and the bottle comes out!

One in Amelian says:

This is so cute! I love creative gift ideas. I always do cute gift wrappings for my boyfriend haha That's amazing how the bottles are inside the dynamite. My mind is just blown by how brilliant this is! Haha

K8 M says:

omg my nephew would love this! sharing with my sister in law 😀

Youngene says:

Hi,happy new year 2018! I subbed you. Wish you sub me back too. Lets be friend and support each other! 😉

Cathy Empey says:

This is so cute and creative!! Thanks for sharing. All the best for 2018! 🙂

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