Diamond Sword from Minecraft | Cardboard DIY

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Learn how to make Diamond Sword out of cardboard.
The inspiration for this DIY prop is one of the swords Steve uses in Minecraft.

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Blog post with template:

Material List:
– Paper (to print or sketch design)
– Corrugated cardboard
– Scissors and/or xacto blade
– Masking tape
– White glue
– Paint brush
– Craft paint (black)

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Whitty says:

More like wooden sword since it was made by wood

Bappy Hossain says:

i get half picture 2 of them why

Mazedur Rahman says:

Can you make Loki's headpiece because Loki series is streaming in hotstar

Rahul kulkarni says:

Can u maka a wand I mean a elder wand with paper

MatiWasTaken says:

can you give a link to print?

Raphael Theodore says:

Hi teven can you please make Baron zemo mask

Zaid vlogs says:

Thank you 😊

Devolos Live says:

Time for a falcon and the winter soldier build try to build something related to the new suit and btw what is next?


Hey there great video i was wondering when are you posting a new video

Izyaan Muhammad says:

yu gi oh dual disk

Hello I’m Here says:

I think you could do octane’s stem.

Also, the Minecraft sword I made turned out great!

Divyanshu's Creation says:

Hey, nice work 👍

Keep it up

Raphael Theodore says:

Hi Steven can you please make black mask Skull helmet from birds of prey that would be so cooll

Hello I’m Here says:

In totally making this now

Hello I’m Here says:

If you go to the store you see the Minecraft plastic swords but this is just as good for WaY less than the one at the store

IronGamer Animations says:

Awesome Idea, you talent never ceases to amaze me, keep up the amazing work!😃👍

『 E.W』A dead channel says:

you are very talented i have a request can you make ichigo’s hollow mask from bleach

Devolos Live says:

I know I am repeating myself but pls make diy redwing

Saifanur Rahman says:


Btw when will you make miles morales web shooter?


Yeah Minecraft

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