I Made A Huge Artwork with 100,000 Beads – Art Challenge

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Vexx says:

subscribe and i'll give you a single bead!

Klee says:

I remember playing with these at after school

Lauren Playzer says:

Bruh oh gosh

Prenesh Diji Youtuber says:

Piet Mondrian
Takashi Murakami
Vincent Van Gogh

Tylee Kortman says:

First one mondrian

Samihah Sirdarbeg says:

What happen to your fingers

Pav Ant says:

suscribe pav ant

Hotendillion Reach 200 SUBS! says:

if you can guess all 3 of them and type them in the comments i'll pick a winner to recieve INFINITY COPICS!

NoWay Videos says:

Help this guy get more subscribers

Denzel Gains says:

Tekashi mumarki

Sylvie Gérard says:

Et à quand une toile avec les sauces Devos Lemens ?
Hahahaha. 😘🐨

Sylvie Gérard says:

Oufti. Mais t es complètement dingue, Vexx. J adore ça !
Et mille fois bravo. C est bluffant.

bodo damien says:


Sparkle TV says:

This guy looks like elon musk🥺

Adrian Moisii says:

level 2: vexx level 3: the one that made pokemon🙂

Elena Castro says:


Niall Stacey says:

I won’t be able to even do this drawing bro u are just so good I love u

henrique curado says:

Do you even have a life?

Tayguman says:

want to check out funny pixel art animations?

11 SHASHTI SHREE.S 11 says:

Me regretting that i found this 2 year later 😑

ksenigra says:

1. Sergey Kandinskiy 2. Know this painting but dont know the artist 3. Edward munk Yea i kinda know old artists more than modern artists.

pugsgotgaming says:

Hey dude one tip for you is after ironing the beads down just put a heavy book or something on top of it so the project dosent warp as much

Sunnex Art says:

Bro imagine counting every single bead 😂

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