7 Easy DIY Clay Craft Ideas

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We have here 7 different DIY ideas you can do using clay !
We have used both polymer and air dry clay here . You can make a lot of pretty things such as key-chain, jewelry dishes and also other cute charms. We hope you enjoyed watching this video.

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0:00 – Clay art
5:42 – Polymer clay mug
8:37 – Clay bowls
9:30 – DIY Clay donut keychain
12:31 – DIY Clay intense stick holder
15:41 – DIY Clay keychain

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Rose gold Foxy says:

Question: do you have to add mod podge. What happens if you don’t and what can you put if you don’t have mod podge?

shamily reddy says:

Will the clay dry in an hour

Sameen zehra says:

Hey where I can buy eye pin for key chain?

Factie Girl says:

Will these crafts stay as they are now ?

Shruti bhobu 304 says:

Which clay is used here..plz tell mee
Nice craft👏👌👌

Suhani Shaw -X11 Arts -25 says:

Really your idea is too good keep it up. You always give us new creative idea

littlemillennium Perambur says:

Does we need to bake for air dry clay??

Monika mon says:

Cute bunny craft https://youtu.be/Ilm9bt93zSM

sanjay jain says:


Dio- chu says:

For Reference:
#1 – 0:03
#2 – 5:43
#3 – 8:37
#4 – 9:30
#5 – 12:32
#6 – 15:42
#7 – 19:05

helen rose says:

u r making very cool

rheanne viloria says:

Name of the thing that is inserted to the clay to make a keychain pls?

Despoina Polyxr says:

Is it clay or plasticine?

Kala Artonline says:

Wow… Just saw ur channel.. Keep up the great work.. I've started my own YouTube channel and it's on art and craft activities as I'm an art teacher … Keep up the great work… I'm Enjoying ur work too..

Jerena Reddy says:

For those of u who are like me and only wanted to know about the key chain its at 15:47

👇🏼 like if you used this

kothai mahadevan says:

Wòw this is the best I've never seen such beautiful clay arts

Jupiter says:

Them : You Learn new things everyday, Me: Today I learned if you throw polymer clay across the room someone is going to yell at you

razlan salim says:

Beautiful.What do you use to glue the clay to the board?

Artcaholic Lara says:

13:50 im not the only one who thinks what this is 😂😂😂

Isabella Carson says:

The cow had food in its mouth but it also had a smiley face lol 😂

unique wun says:

Which paints do you use on the clay please

Rizwana Parveen says:

Donut keychains is looking soooo cute

Priyanka Singh says:

Who have watching the video hit like please

Priyanka Singh says:

Who my channel will grow like you please please my video please find my 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Craft Creations says:

Amazing.. ❤️👍

Art and Craft with Manisha Sharma says:

Very nice and creative ideas

Asmaa hairstyle says:

حبيبتي رائع جدا 👍👏 تسلم ايديكي 🌹😘😘👏👍

Aisha Hussain says:

Make a video on painting ideas 🖌🖌

Miss Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY says:

Beautiful creative idea !!!

Benita Glory says:


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