How to make a Minecraft Goat

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Apparently the goat sent the cat to the next video.


ΨSpurio RinoツΨ says:

Wow! Beauty full work! The next please make an eleder guardian!

Just an Origamist says:

İf u not have 3D printer,here is the hero that save you!

Esteban Galarza says:

You can make Alex's frog mobs

Just an Origamist says:

U are the best channel ever existed in this world!i just did the bee but i will make them all soon!
Request if u accept:skeleton

ching ching says:

I’m so happy ,,,,

Captain Jay says:

Btw make a cat plz

Jesús Iojanan Osorio Martínez says:

Woooow amazing

Adam Chorebala says:

you've just got yourself another subscriber!

Rosilaine Battista says:

Make a articulated steve please

Inan Cap-uy says:

Thank you can you make paper golem

thi hue Be says:


DaminoBoyXD says:

oooh mountain goat!

Mr tree Hmmm says:

He came back 😀

SpartanGamer#531 says:

Gracias te lo pedía en los comentarios soy el primero saludos

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