Minecraft Art- 3D TNT Realistic Fun Fan Art

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Minecraft TNT 3D cube are realistic in nature that you can actually touch or hold, play with it or display. About 6.25 x 6.25 inches is made from recycled carton materials covered with colored paper. Easy DIY arts that kids will surely love. Detailed step by step process on “how to” is in the video.

Watch out for more exciting Minecraft Art characters, gadgets and scenery coming very soon!

Music: Faster People
Musician: Eyal Raz


mary joan says:

Very realistic😊👍💯 keep it up👌👌👌

barney jones says:

Terrific! I would love to see some Ghast!

Emiliano Porquez says:

It looks like it came from the actual game, great work! I would love to have those minecraft set as a collection hehe

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