Papercraft Ruined Nether Portal Tutorial! | Minecraft Papercraft

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Why hello there! Hope you enjoyed this cool little diorama video! I love these kinds of papercraft models, and maybe there’ll be more structures like these in the future on my channel πŸ˜€

On a side note, if you haven’t heard already, Minecraft: Earth is being cancelled over, you guessed it, COVID. This basically means that a lot of my videos coming up will be MC Earth related just cause I love the exclusive mobs and want to give them a rite of passage. Anyways, hope you have a great day, and I look forward to seeing you next video!


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Thx to, its creators, and rooterbuster w.
Thx to C418 for the background music
Thx to YOU for watching!


ADAM Zrit says:

whats the name of that type of knife

Alsa Honggo says:

Nice πŸ‘πŸ»

Brunox Olazaval says:

I can't access the link

Mini 86 says:

Nice video ! i enjoyed it

A. Ramponi says:

Hello there! I was going to ask this on the discord but the invite is broken πŸ˜›

What are the template names? I click on the link on the description but it just takes me to the front page. Also, how do you get all of them scaled so I don't print them in different sizes? Awesome tutorial dude, thanks in advance!

Vixell GG says:

Where The Template


oh man this is from pixelpapercraft i camt find it oh it will be so cool if it is o

haimung tang says:

Totally awesome

Rishabh Verma says:

i think the post of nether portal is deleted because when we click the link it takes us to pixelpapercraft home page and i cannot find it

GojiNews says:

Can you make some "Minecraft Dungeon" mob or Boss, nobody even make Minecraft Dungeon Mob before in


woww its soo cool πŸ˜€

Passion 4 U says:

Next can u make a flowing lava or a terrarium or a landscape

Tamix_on_Ytb says:

Hi M16
Nice, video and amazing video production

I really like your videos

Too bad I'm not as good as you <3 But i give it like, sub and i'll learn: <333

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