DIY – How to Make: Portable Doll Room in a Shoebox

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By Request: If the shoe box fits … Live in it!! Today we are bringing new life to the “Doll Room in a Shoe Box” and making a Room that can have an ever changing view because you can take this doll room anywhere!


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Snesh Mashece says:

Wow, I mean, Wow!?

Jennifer Armitage says:

Toya your the CRAFTYEST GIRL on YouTube

Susanta Biswas says:

i love this dolls house

Ammy life with Barbie says:

Hi froggy i want you to make series2 of darbie i will love it and pls reply me

Mimineko101 says:

I just got some new shoes I’m excited to make this

Cupcake dreams says:

Thankyou froggy for so mich inspiration . We love you.

Rehana Naaz Kukanoor says:

Oo she is married sho your husband in 1 video

Suki B says:

My fave room!!!

Hui Yee Ya says:

Thank you for teaching! This is so minimalism and modern

Layal Elias says:

This shoe box is amazing and it’s creative

Chetna patil says:

I made this in same way

Ariana Granda says:

Me I can do that I tried noone can beat u I luv you @Myfoggystuff

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