DIY Minecraft Chicken Perler Bead Figure

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bok bok besties today we’re making a Minecraft chicken using perler/artkal beads and some acrylic rods! This is the second Minecraft farm animal I made and they will be a wonderful addition to the farm. I also talk about my experience raising some live chickens when I was in school. If only my town allowed backyard chickens to be raised, I would have started my own little chicken egg farm long ago.

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Supplies to look into*:
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Shiny Ironing Film:
Mini Artkal Beads Sets:
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Beading Accessories:
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Here’s a poem:
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A Dog With Internet Access says:

Pls do piglin

Melissa N says:

It’s kind of annoying when your almost done and All of a suddeN you need “acrylic rods” to finish it please tell me what everything that you need in the beginning of the video because I don’t have acrylic rods 😡

Quinn Schimmel says:

i just made it, along w the fox and forgot that the chicken gets eaten.

nacho 241 says:

Please can you make a spider

Edurado Coyazo says:

Try making Nauruto

aRandom Tree says:

Could you possibly do a zombified piglin or a horse next AMAZING VID BTW THE LEG IDEA WAS VERY SMART

JBatJoker says:

Can you make a pig?!

Puck Sewerrat says:

I love your crafts and have made the fox and turtle! Can you possibly do a dolphin if you dont have it in your collection

Travis Lesman says:

Really love these videos

Mark Eric Navarro says:

Do a minecraft sqiud out of perler beads . P.s l love your vids !

Asha M says:

hey QDCrafts can you please make the warden from the 1.17 caves and cliffs update

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