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#Cardboard #Minecraft #DIY
I’m back and making something that you’ve asked for:
A Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe! That we are going to make without the PVC Tube an Paint.

Diamond Pickaxe:
Other Tools:

00:00 – Introduction!
I’m back at crafting video’s for you!

01:20 – What do you need?
I’ll show you everything you need to make this Pickaxe.

01:41 – Preperation!
We need to make some prepertions before we start crafting.

02:26 – Useing the Stickers
Paste the Pickaxe on the Cardboard.

03:35 – Cutting out the Pieces!
I show you how I cut out the pieces.

04:05 – Making Cardboard strips!
We need to make Cardboard strips of 2 cm wide.

04:30 – Pasting the Strips!
After we have cut out everything we need to paste all the strips.

05:55 – Pasting on the other Half.
We have pasted all the strips over the first half and we are now going to close up the Pickaxe by pasting on the second half.

06:20 – Cutting off the rough parts.
When it is all dry we are going to cut of the unnecessary edges.

06:50 – Painting the Sides.
The sides don’t have a sticker, so I’m going to paint this black.

After all that work, this is the end result!

08:20 – Outro.
Thanks for watch!


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Marc's Universe says:

It was so much fun getting back at making something out of cardboard!
Let me know what I should me NEXT TIME!

Robrecht Masschelein says:

I will try to make it because I am a minecraft fan

haimung tang says:

Enchanted bow?if you do thanks!!!!

prince motors says:

I like your VIDEO very much and your English is too god

prince motors says:

Can you make craftingtable with cardbord

Khalid aziz says:

You printed on photo paper
I want to make it

Fun Day! says:

Craft a cake!!!!

Wallibear says:

I want Diamond axe and solve please make it too

Snufert says:

Looks great! Like you bought it in a store!

Jasmin Valerio says:


Charlie Forystek says:

what about a shovel?

Charlie Forystek says:

hey dude its me fron the sword video

EchtEenMilan says:

Nice to hear you in English! And nice shirt!

AkaMooks says:

Insert ASMR cutting sound hahahaha
Awesome video Marc! I enjoyed watching it. I feel like crafting myself now too, thanks for that… hahaha

stevenXCV says:

Now you just need to mine some ancient debris to upgrade to a netherite pickaxe 8)

Peaceful Potato says:

Craft weapons used in Hitman 3 ^^

Peaceful Potato says:

Is the cat needed for making it or could I also use my dog?

Challangers says:

Well it was kinda sad that i had to use a other totorial for diamond sword cause i didnt have a pvc pipe but now i could use the strat you used in this video. But now make shield, trident, fishing rod and diamond armor

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