How to Make a Red Envelope in Minecraft | Beginner Minecraft Designing Tutorial

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This is a beginner friendly, 12 minute Minecraft coding tutorial on how to make a red envelope in Minecraft.


This step by step tutorial is the second part of the Minecraft Chinese New Year tutorial series. Watch this instructive video to learn how to make instructive design and create a red envelope mod that can be used in the Minecraft world. You will also learn how to use functions and events to mine in Minecraft the red envelopes form an arena filled with diamond ore.

This easy to follow game development tutorial features how to build a custom Minecraft mod using LearnToMod platform. If you are a Minecraft fan, this coding tutorial is for you! Create your own custom Minecraft mod with this step by step tutorial which is designed by our world class instructors at First Code Academy for beginners to learn how to create an Minecraft red envelope.

The LearnToMod is an online software that empowers Minecraft players (especially beginners) to create amazing mods, texture packs, and schematics easily. This in browser software is easy to use by anyone as it uses Blocky (block based code) to create and program their own Minecraft mods while learning about the key elements of coding.

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