Real Life Full Size Enderman – Woodworking How-to (Minecraft)

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In this project I show a little about using a tablesaw and also how to use a ‘brace’ (hand drill). In case you were wondering about the drill bit, it’s called an ‘adjustable auger bit.’ The enderman was finished with Gloss Black and Satin Black spray paint. If you are inspired to make a smaller enderman you can save yourself the time of making boxes and just use solid wood. I found that Minecraft builds are deceptively more complex than they appear.
As always, keep the comment section interesting and post your questions, observations and suggestions.

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Router Table:
Dewalt Drill:
Adjustable Spade Bit:
Masking Painters Tape:

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Tanoshi says:

you shall do a Ghast

Госпожа Кризалис says:

Real Life Suze Siren Head (Minecraft) please!

Stella GS says:

This is old, but hell still damn impressive 💖

Ace of Real Estate says:

Music when I’m Me battling zombies: peaceful. vs. music when I’m getting diamonds: spooky

Qu_iaa me says:


BlusishLynx says:

Me and my dad actually built this

targol saremi says:

i change my profile

targol saremi says:

why you are making enderman??

targol saremi says:

ican,t bielieve!!!

targol saremi says:

how ?????
iwanaaaaa learn

Siitu Afemata says:

Nice but I like this

Госпожа Кризалис says:

1:15:58 Enderman's head moves

Госпожа Кризалис says:

I love Enderman so much

DarkHat Studio says:

Fake. We've been staring at this enderman for the whole video and it hasn't viciously attacked us yet.

KoVurt Network says:

He used metal primer instead of wood primer, thats why his paint messed up.

poncik oyun yt says:

Hello my turkisk

DaFabULus1 says:

I mean every block in Minecraft is confirmed to be a cubic meter so the life sized enderman would be around 3 meters tall

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