[Minecraft]Zombie Villager – How to make a plush toy – DIY

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My children loves “Minecraft”,so I made a plush toy for my children.
How about making as a child’s toy, or for work of summer vacation, winter vacation?

Materials: Felt, Yarn, Cotton, Glue
Tools: Sewing needles, Threader, Thread nippers, Pencil, Fabric shears,Ruler,Tweezers

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※ It is not Minecraft official product. Not approved by Mojang and has nothing to do with Mojang.


Try N' DIY says:

Can you make Sapnap next? I am going to make the Dream and George plushies and I’ll need Sapnap too? I love your videos!! You do such an awesome job✨

Millare Benaiah says:

Can you make BadBoyHalo and Sapnap, please?

Kamilė Kamilė says:

Fantastic job!!! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶ Keep it up!

Sans and The Great Papyrus says:

You have such a great talent man… KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!!

Sans and The Great Papyrus says:

Can u make all the dream smp members plz!!!!

Nidia Erazo says:

Tienes trabajo? Real?

TeeTee M says:

Amazing plush!!! Can't wait to make it!!!

PieFace says:

nice im finally not late awesome content:)

Cahit Kaptan says:

çok güzel

Ant says:

Yay thank you dude

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