Dr. MINION Check GRANNY's Teeth – Dentist Operation – Kluna Tik eating Minecraft Animation ASMR

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Dr. MINION Check GRANNY’s Teeth – Dentist Operation – Kluna Tik eating Minecraft Animation ASMR
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➜ Hi, Kluna Tik eating Minecraft in Monster School no talking

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🔥 About Kluna Tik ASMR:

KLUNA TIK ASMR Channel mainly focuses on Minecraft Monster School special situations with KLUNA TIK – who eats totally everything!
This Channel contains many ASMR sound to satisfy you with relax and laugh.
KLUNA TIK luckily goes to Minecraft World and meets many funny Characters in this game. They are: rich baby Herobrine boys, poor baby Zombie, poor Herobrine, Alex and Steve, Bad Sadako Mother, Bad Kayako Mother, mother brewing, bad family, Wither, Skeleton, Aphmau, noob vs pro vs hacker vs god, Witch, Minecraft Dream, BigSchool, Bees , Mobs, Villager …
Minecraft stories in this channel are very diverse: funny situations in Monster School, poor vs rich family, Love Curse apocalypse, Very sad story, Bad Family, Bad Mother, Bad Brother…

🔥 With KLUNA TIK ASMR, We will not want to share entertaining videos but also show you how to make Minecraft crafts in real life with paper for beginners. Then it’s easy to uses these crafts to make YOUR OWN stories. Comment and tell me what ever you think with the video, I will reply all.

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Kluna Tik ASMR says:

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