Countdown Timers [PowerApps]

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Creating a timer that counts down from its duration is a couple of steps. But how do you make a countdown to a specific event or date time?

I explain some things that are going on in the default timer control and how you could make two kinds of countdown timers.

Audrie’s video on Date functions:

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Rizayath Abdul Kader says:

how to set up a timer that auto rest 3rd of every month?

ricardo freestyle says:

how to pause when textbox time reaches 0??

Graham Duncan says:

Hi there, how do i create the list with the entries and scheduled dates to mimic your entries?

Jerry Thomas says:

Hi Dang, It was a very helpful video. I have a question. Once i apply the Date diff for the (h:mm:ss) – target Date and timeNow, so once the the time reaches the target, how do i stop the timer? It does not stop by itself.

Gary Huang says:

your video lighting is fantastic! can you do a tutorial on how to achieve it?

Scott Ott says:

You should do a video on how to properly light a studio shot. Your lighting is practically perfect, especially considering you're wearing glasses and getting no reflections. Really great. Let me know if you do a tutorial on this.

Andreas Appel says:

Very good. Easy to follow. Thanks mr Dang. =)

Parag Chapre says:

Great Video. How can I create a counter like this in PowerApps

Michael Mirasol says:

This was very helpful. Thanks so much for this.

shay Carmeli says:

Thanks for posting this Video. I've tried to add the countdown timer, the thing is that the counter goes to 0 it's immediately jump back to 24:00:00, any way to stop once it get to 0?

Martin Lee says:

Love this mate 🙂

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