DIY Minecraft Flowers

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hey it me, peri.

here’s a tutorial on how to make Minecraft Flowers decor!!

we’re so close to 100 subs, roll out peasants XD

-junior in high school
-working as an editor (reach out if interested)
-business email linked in channel bio

my links:


fer Muñiz says:

I don't speak English but I understood you !! 😭 I think you are learning (I'm using translator xd)

Ariana Rice says:

wait so when u put the numbers next to the cardboard are they inch’s or centimeters?

Mikaila Mawby says:

can you make a tutorial on how to make Minecraft skins with cardboard? (like just flat to hang on your wall for decor like the flowers)? If not that's okay😎

Laney June says:

It was a poppy not rose

ripchristine says:

Am i the only person who wants to go on discord with my friends but my entire friendgroup thinks its weird?

Mohsina Khalid says:

I even know the lofi beats ur using

Emerson Egeghy says:

love this!! unfortunately the discord link isn’t working, it says it’s expired ://

ridanotfound says:

I love these 😀 I’ve made the discs and I’m making the flowers! I’d love if you could do mushrooms or food related items 🙂

Leona Kratochvílová says:

i love ur videos:)

bimmer says:

i made the discs and now im gonna make these hehe

Asuncion Viray says:

first the discs then this. yes please 😌

Lola Bear says:

The discord link isn't working lol

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