How to make a Minecraft Parrot

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Did you know that there is more than 350 parrot species! Just imagine trying to draw them all!


ado says:

NO HATE COMMENT!! I'll give you a tip, get a better Camera bc then the Viewers can see better😁 keep up the good work, and the Tutorial is great i love it

Katsuki Bakugou says:


Zerra UnderEyes says:

Imma try to make this for my cousins birthday! She loves birds and me and the bois did a party for her and our other friend yesterday but her real birthday is in 2 weeks, one of the presents I got her in Minecraft was a grey bird! Now imma give her a Minecraft bird irl!

fossilfeesh says:

Strider please!!!

Vero Vazquez ram says:

Hoye ace al horse in an upcoming video

เบญจวรรณ เจนใจ says:

make warden please

เบญจวรรณ เจนใจ says:

warden please

เบญจวรรณ เจนใจ says:

How to make warden please

WohlnirYT says:

Es cool ja es muy cool

WohlnirYT says:

Its incredible

เบญจวรรณ เจนใจ says:

warden please

Good Vibes says:

Last time o commented to do a parrot and you did! I’m so happy 😁
Edit: I meant to say I not o sorry!

Kisiel says:

Really helpfull vid. Nice job !

Emiliano Olguín Rodríguez says:

the work you do is incredible

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