Awesome Animal Crossing Crafts And Video Game DIYs

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Everyone’s been playing it, so we decided to get creative and show you how to make some awesome Animal Crossing crafts and other video game DIYs!

0:00 – Animal Crossing Pins
1:14 – Animal Crossing Clay Accessories
1:54 – Animal Crossing Tree Lamp
2:51 – Mini Animal Crossing Money Bag
3:16 – Minecraft Pull Apart Cupcakes
4:46 – DIY Minecraft Toy Sword
5:28 – Sonic Pull Apart Cupcakes
7:03 – Mario Pull Apart Cupcakes
8:37 – Pikachu Pull Apart Cupcakes

Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY – from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered.

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Alyssia says:

Creeper in Animal Crossing ? 🤔

New Incredible Art says:

Wow 😮 Amazing crafts 👍🏻 ❤️it

lily0130 lily0130 says:

me :looking for animal crossing crafts to cure boredem and feed my obsession
video: turns in sonic and mincraft crafts
me: 😑

Freya Sullivan says:

Did you get the flowers from

Esprêssø Mîlk says:

They said animal crossing then they put Minecraft then they add sonic then mario then pokemon

wow와우 says:

10:08 wow! So cute♡.♡😍 But….. oh my god!! sad…..😢😢

Sri Harini says:

I put a like for pickachu (Pokemon).

SCP-Sodapop says:

This my opinion but to be flat out honest, her videos make a lot more sense then 5-minute crafts

Babita Agrawal says:

I too loved the Mario cake

Babita Agrawal says:

The cup-cake-cake😅😂 was amazing🤩❤️I love your channel

Emma Estupiñan says:

Hy you can tell me what did you buy this

MouseLover says:

has anyone tried the first one? it looks really cute! where can you get the stuff for it?

-꧁Avi gaming Lemon꧂- says:

The first song is on PKXD LOL

Nadia Ahmed says:

So …………………………………………………………………………………

What type of comments you do ?

Tell in comments

I am very lonely says:

5 minute crafts wish🤣

I found a cat says:

Better stuff than 5 minute crafts, and they don't lie

M.R. projects says:

Pencil box seivathu eppadi

Ammonita Gonzalez says:

Cool favorite

NCS 62 says:

What is the machine for reducing paper?

Gala3y _ says:


you gon make that and then someone walks in with their

Sharpness IV
Sweeping Edge III
Unbreaking III
Fire Aspect II
netherite sword
what the hell you gonna do

Get me Off this app says:

When they say animal crossing but make it minecraft : 👁👄👁

Kee Sheep says:

Lol some of these are Minecraft based, why the title 'animal crossing' if you're also going to do Minecraft?

Jiluden R says:

I love animal crossing ❤❤

•Bumble_ Art • says:

I love how when she makes the cupcake cakes there is always one person who takes the dropped icing

RAANK Crafts says:

Brilliant idea…

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