DIY Minecraft Axolotl Perler Bead Figure

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I made an updated design for the Minecraft axolotl that we made live last week! Learn how to make a leucistic axolotl using midi beads and a gold axolotl with mini beads. Then you’ll have your own pet axolotl before the new Minecraft Cliffs and Caves update comes out ;D

(c) Victoria T. 2021

0:00 Axolotls are the cutest
1:57 Templates and Ironing
6:18 Assembly
10:33 Naming the Axolotls


Supplies to look into*:
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Shiny Ironing Film:
Mini Artkal Beads Sets:
Sorted Artkal Bead Sets:
Beading Accessories:
Amazon Perler Beading Supplies:

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Here’s a poem:
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Tasnia says:

Can you use water fuse beads instead of perler beads?

Rubao says:

i made a papercraft of this

katheryn mangan says:

I ike the clicking sound

Emma says:

Do I use mini beads or regular beads?

a_ ioser says: is there only 380 likes?

honey wolf says:

tx i try it

masha Litov says:

Hello QD Crafts, I recently found your channel and it is amazing. Right now I am working on the 3d polar bear. I know you may not see this because of the other lots of comments, but I would like to suggest another video for you. It would be minecraft cow and probably more animals. Have a good day!

Amanda Suarez says:

My son just made one, he named it Fred. Thanks for the tutorial!

Joseph Miguel Terrazas says:

do phantom pls

Joseph Miguel Terrazas says:

do strider pls

Daphne Chen says:

Can you make a horse

Boy Li says:

Can you please please please make a horse it is Mine dream please if you do you made my dream

Li Eva says:

Can you make a minecraft horse

Tharani Kousikan says:

Can you make a minecraft horse

Caitlin Draws says:

Your very good at pearler bead art! I’m gonna buy some now! ?

Sarah Gonzalez says:

On my third some pieces to click but because they weren't evenly melted I used too much force and pieces broke off ?

Nolan cOuLoMbE says:


gabri _rokk says:


Noob Dot Com says:

You have a horse in all your Minecraft streams so can you make one

it's marie - chaotic arts and crafts says:

these turned out so cute!! I used to have pet axolotls so seeing these made me happy. maybe I should make some too!!

Jamie Waskey says:

I LOVE THE DESIGN OF THE AXOLOTL!!!:) can you make a mountain goat ?

Ryan’s Crafts says:

I love your designs!

Davide Gambino says:

Can you making a piglin
Version 1.16

Andreas Paddington says:

Can you do a Minecraft pig

Ellie Foster says:

Can you please make a leopard gecko?! They come in a huge variety of morphs (colours)

Plushie 101 says:

Have you tried the perler caps?

Engin G says:

I’m working on my green axolotl I know there are no green axolotl in minecraft or in real life

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