Money Awesomeness: Frugal Halloween Tips!

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This week on Money Awesomeness Shannon shares tips on how to keep Halloween costs down!


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RagPrincessSews says:

Click on the video because of the pug thumbnail. was not disappointed. SO CUTE! And great tips.

Coral says:

Happy Halloween

You can't go wrong with a pug dressed in a Halloween costume!


Coral says:

Hahaha, we admit that the raisins aren't that bad!

Coral says:

Thanks for watching!

Coral says:

Trying not to open the box is a good idea, but for those who can't resist it is always an option to buy something you don't like!

Thanks for the tip about buying candy in Chinatown!

a1053 says:

Tip 3 is rotten, why on earth would you give things you don't like? What about not opening the box/bag before Halloween?

My personal Halloween saving tip: A trip to my Chinatown. Most Chinese sweets are individually wrapped. From a candy loving person perspective they are a good change from the stuff you can buy everywhere.

Kin says:

Great ideas!

jooLee says:

I liked the raisins! lol

Coral says:

You can't go wrong with a Pug dressed as a fairy!

Check out this video & learn tips on how to save $$ this Halloween!

#Halloween #Pugs  

Sarah Bolen says:

Great tips – plus the pug is SO CUTE!

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