? ROBLOX Music Video Halloween at Freddys!

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enjoy! 🙂 New music video after a while.
Credit to Tryhardninja and Smike for making this amazing song 🙂 Please subscribe and like for more Sammy Studios videos!


spicegod says:

this is the best vid. iv fapped to this more than 50 tiems now. its su guud. i luv it. i will never unsubscrib. luv u bb <3

Mr Morango says:

Clickbait kkkkkkkkkk???

Cosas Extrañas says:

lol jalowen

clemantine42 says:

best song of the FNAF Super Animation What is The code Plz

Spooki says:

lol i redy for may

Gigi Roney says:


Rrainee Herrera says:

how did you make this i like this

Daved Gamer says:

Good. Drop the like!

OhThatsForever says:

This is a really good video
Its better than mine!
Nice job!
Also good luck in the auditions! c:

edogg7475 t says:

Good luck, guy!

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