How to make a Minecraft Cake – Better Than Toast Extra

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Hello and welcome to my little series of recipe tutorials! Today we’re going to make a Minecraft cake!

Please follow this link to get the full recipe!

How to make a Minecraft cake – Better than Toast Extra

Background music kindly composed by SinkyJames – click here to check out his amazing work!
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Gameplay footage from Minecraft. Play the game here:

Please note: The song I have used at the start is by Frankie Avalon and is called ‘Gingerbread’. I do not own the rights to this song, nor do I intend to infringe on any standing copyright laws. Youtube does not allow users to add a ‘click to buy’ link, unless the record label gets in touch with me over it. You can listen to and buy the whole song here:


SwtorCass says:

Holy shit she plays minecraft

giovanni nunez says:

so cooL !!!!!

Sarah Lee says:

Cool and yummy

Lukas Bailey says:

love the cake i tried it and it is so good i can make a million of them.

CleantheKitchen1 says:

Great vid luv ur accent

Destinee Taylor says:

Is that Icing or fondant? I know you said icing but, thats not what it looks like. If it IS, where do I buy icing like that, and how does it taste?

J Kanoa says:

now to decide which cake to make for my nephews birthday, pokemon or minecraft his 2 favorite things. keep the vids and ibles(instructables) up

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