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What’s up Guys! Creative Arts here, with a Penguin Illustration and Graffiti for my bud Darth Patrick. I’m still trying to learn how to make better characters, but I’m definitely liking the outcomes of these speedarts. So Please LIKE and COMMENT the crap out of this!!! Feedback is always appreciated 🙂 Open for more info.

– Creative Arts


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Song Details: Lay Here by Witt Lowry

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ImApostol says:

This is fucking awesome. Turned out sick af, the queen would be proud. 

CaptainScorch says:

Holy Shit awesome!

GraffitiVoid says:

suck penguin much wow :3

Repinal says:

holy shit !

Ripstarr says:

Not telling you what to do but you should look into making iPhone 5 backgrounds 🙂

VERSAR says:

so sick man

Coan says:

this is hella dope

Tom says:

Whoah that's sick

paradox says:

awww itss soo cute!

Baja says:

love all of your videos 😀 

olek says:

cs:go sticker.

would buy it

LJ ARTS. says:

The penguin looks kinda disappointed or something lol, but looks great graffiti on point as usual ;p

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