Make Your Own Predator Costume – DIY Costume Squad

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Learn how to make a Predator costume from the original 1987 classic!

In each episode of ‘DIY Costume Squad’ one of our expert hosts shows you how to make your own DIY costume based on popular movie/TV/video game characters. Watch as they transform everyday materials and store-bought items into fantastic costumes without spending a lot of money! Let us know what costumes you’d like to see them make!

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Starring: Benjamin Martin
Additional Hosts: Dustin McLean, Claire Max
Directed/Shot by: Dustin McLean
Edited by: Jon Tomlinson
Additional Camera: Nichi Hoskins, Jon Tomlinson
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean

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Susy Gonzalez says:

I know an easyer way to do it just spend like a hundred dollars and there ya go lol

Brandi Lapp says:

Like if you’ve seen the 2020 predator

Callon Defreitas says:

your a cheep skee

Donna-Marie Lee says:

You mean trio

Aidan Ahmeti says:

Does anyone know what happened to this series?

Seal Guy says:

"Yo sick costume how much did it cost?"
Like 60 dollars lol

Yankee_doodle989 8 says:

If predator was skinny bone jones:

Noah Arnone says:

Make the Mandalorian

Aaron Estrada says:

Gray primer nor like gray primer

Maria Guadalupe Hernandez says:

Who here in 2021? Gotta know

xxbyemate 2 bye says:

Well I'm 2021

xxbyemate 2 bye says:

This is cool

Shaun Hartman says:

I love the game predator hunting grounds and the movie

Trapper marri Rack daddy and rack marri says:

That is so kool

Gacha Gacha says:

The intro is sooo cringe

Jayden Hollimon says:

Do a power rangers one

Britgizzy11 says:

Do you know what’s awesome about you guys is that you don’t spend a bunch of money on things because you guys are so like smart to use things like cardboard and stuff like that like you guys are so smart

Jason Olvera says:

Doesn’t look like the predator suit at all lol

Bendy The dancing demon says:

Give me a kid one

Daniel Daniel says:

wait a minute is that the guy from fortnite

AK Family says:

In Fortnite there’s a little thing that you can take out that takes out the air in the mask You missed that

Maximo Jose Gomez (STG) says:

Hey you put the claws upside down

cheese straw studios says:

fOrTnItE gUy

Kash Linder says:

Anyone notice that he put the blades upside down

HigherSire says:

I believe the steel bits (helmet, back, gauntlets) should have been slightly darker. After looking at pictures, the armour looks more "used" and darker in color. Not the lighter slightly brushed steel.

Mitchell Official says:

Are the blades on backwards?

Cody Kleinert says:

Is it buyable if it is SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!

Chris Ozmun says:

The "cylinder" is a medpack

Elway 09 says:

When I get 100$ im making this

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