How to Make A Prop Minecraft Pickaxe

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Cheap and Easy DIY on how to make a Pickaxe from the game Minecraft with cardboard and tape.


VoidNath2 says:

Im so triggered by the fact he says axe during all the video

Gustavo Animations says:

I want a minecraft wolf prop pls ?

toy minecraft video says:

Nice video.can you make a mibecraft wolf mask

HB says:

this is awesome keep it up! and next u should do the amulit from troll hunters

RedDewottFoxyFlareon2067 RedAndRainbowFlareon says:

Minecraft Diamond pickase

Gail Vlogs says:

This is cool pickaxe and sword

anees athi says:

make prop armour

Necron Lord says:

what about a real one (prop)

Random Person says:

Looks kinda weird, why not just paint the cardboard instead?

Hernan Vizcayno says:

wawawawawawawwait that isnt a axe that is a pickaxe

MicahBoyProductions says:

Can you make a x26 taser

Diamond Warrior says:

Awesome video! I'm sooo making this

Manomed says:

please make five nights at freddy mask

Nudchada Techasuntharowat says:

Can you make five at night Freddy mask

David Templeton says:

不! That‘s a pick axe

McKay Evans says:

Could you add either Altair's sword or throwing knives from Assassins creed to your list?

They're the only two I need left for my set of Altair's weapons

D9 says:

Prop-Desert Eagle from Cs Go

Marissa Ruiz says:

So going to try this!

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