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Art is a very cool hobby. Drawing and painting help to relax and concentrate alongside with developing fine motor skills and stress relieving. You don’t have to be an artist to paint amazing pictures on a daily basis. Our cute tutorials are here to help you with that.

You can paint or copy practically any picture if you separate it into small equal pieces or put a grid over it. See how we did it – took a grid and did just what they do in cross-stitching or mosaic – created a picture out of tiny squares. You can call it pixel art as well! Check out whom we’ve got –a heart, Spiderman, Superman, a cute panda, Ironman, a bird from Angry Birds, a sweet cat with a big smile, a puffy donut, a milkshake, a slice of a watermelon, a smiley face, and even a unicorn!

Sometimes when you are tired, there’s nothing better than taking a piece of paper and doodle for an hour or two. This is how you can get a cute picture and give yourself a good rest.

In this tutorial video for kids, we’ll also teach you how to make a never-ending drawing. Such a surprise for someone who doesn’t know the trick!

Watch this video up to the end and learn how to memorize numbers and abc using drawing.


00:56 – Spiderman tutorial
4:15 – Draiwng a donut
6:14 – Meditative drawing

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5-Minute Crafts PLAY says:

Do you know that Chinese or Japanese game of digits to shade specific squares on the paper? Very enthralling, BTW.

Nothabo Didi says:


Miguel Rodriguez says:

who is here during class and your teacher gave u graph paper and you want to draw something

Lady Psalm Cayabyab says:

What paper did you use for the pixel art???

shella arnee says:


Sophia Paredes says:

I came here to know how to use graphing paper,i saw a weird unicorn

Sophia Paredes says:

0:21 me when it's pride month

Melissa ter Haar says:

Why, if I triest the drawings I never come out??

Kattya Rojas Solano says:

You deed your best

Ігор Ободовський says:

I am live Ukrainian my mum like watch you channel

Ігор Ободовський says:

It is very interesting channel

HPFanNi says:

The ladybug has six legs, not eight.

Parkour Kristýnka says:

Who loves 5-minute crafts kids ?

Parkour Kristýnka says:

Super unicorn awesome

Siddhi Gujarathi says:

I like this hack very much

Gaming with The lizards says:

0:22 DETERMINATION…..for the comments. Like if you agree

bea Cook says:

Am I the only one that sits there for hours making my own grid paper with rula and pencil

Reshma ben says:

Very beautiful??

Glenn & Chayo Miller says:

I love art i do art all the time????✏✏✏?

Lori Valdez says:

I love drawing! These are great ❤️

Mina De leon says:

I know how to count to 10 in japenies. Ech nie son she go rocu sigi hoji ku ju

Anne De Groote says:

Eh c'est GÉNIALES comme astuces et techniques pour dessiner. J'adore ???❤??????????

cute who says:

I love this video ❤❤❤❤???

Ceci Herreras says:

oooohh no me lo habia imaginado que en mi cuaderno de matematicas puedo hacer esos dibujos tan cools como pixelados

Dxmon says:

The thumbnail tho ?

Ruby Hilton says:

If you love art like this comment

Azurk Berzerk says:

Who thinks the thumbnail is just idiotic

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