Diamond Pickaxe from Minecraft | Easy Cardboard DIY

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Learn how to make a Diamond Pickaxe out of cardboard.
The inspiration for this DIY prop is one of the pickaxes you can make in the game Minecraft.

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Pickaxe File: https://imgur.com/a/UbLrY0r

Material List:
– Paper to print the design
– Corrugated cardboard
– Scissors and/or xacto blade
– Glue gun and glue sticks
– White glue
– Paint brush

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Cardboard Cosplay says:

I've seen other tutorials recommend using card stock, photo paper, or even to take it to a print shop to get it printed in high quality ink, however I wanted to show that you can totally make this with just a basic printer/ink at home. No need to spend the extra money!

Abhiraj Kunwar says:

Pls can u make some easy crafts

Dom Arce says:

My very last minute halloween costume thanks you

mxchii_ivy says:

Im here really late cause im tryna make a diamond pickaxe for my dream consplay >:)

Hi, I do Sub4Sub says:

2:44 LOL


Please subscribe my channel I am a small youtuber


Thanks a lot for this so simple craft keep it up bro

Abi Sparrow says:

how big is each pixel?
just so i can get a rough idea

Devolos Gaming says:

Plz upload something new


Made me easier with tamplates by the way good work (peace)?

Hayley Pedersen says:

how did you make it with google sheets

Костя Бонд says:

Difficulty level :super power ninja turbo neo ultra hyper mega multi alpha meta extra cyber prefix EASY!!! (nice craft)

คุณเส้น channel says:

Are you addicted to minecraft?
Your job is really good

Jeremy Animations says:

Cool DIY the design is great as well

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