Minecraft Diamond Sword – DIY GG

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Minecraft Diamond Sword – DIY GG

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This video will show you:
How to make a diamond sword in real life
How to make diamond
How to do it yourself

Music – B4bbs – http://www.youtube.com/user/Babbingtn/videos

Buy wooden cubes here! – http://www.barclaywoods.com/craft_parts.htm


V-Ray Cat says:

Hi, I’m watching in 2020.

Sara svensson Sara says:

Way to fast, I couldn’t do it! ?

elizabeth youdontneedtoknow says:

holy shit this was 8 years ago-

TheBry YT says:

Hi, I’m watching in 2020.

PlutoIsn'tReal says:

Quarantine really got me coming back to my true roots

Romane P says:

My childhood video ?☁(´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡

Victoria Huara says:

Guess I am the first person to comment in a new decade. (2020)

J-hopeful Sunshine says:

2019 anyone?

Reem Sappari says:

Minecraft. Pikcas plis. Plis teycw

i make stuff says:


Robert Chavez says:

I wanna beat the shit out of my cousin with it

Fluffikens says:

Welcome new viewers, these comments are relics, and old. Please don't touch. Thank you.

christian frederick says:

Brrooooo I remember watching this on my iPod touch when I was like 8 thinking this shit was liiit

padillas 101 says:

Omg you look so different!

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