How to assemble your printable Cake Toppers

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What do you need?

-Tall sticks
-Decorative ribbon
-Liquid silicon or hot silicone
-Design print on Cardboard

How to do it?

1- Cut the cake topper

2- When everything is cut, with the decorative tape, you must wrap the chopsticks and then stick them on top of the cake topper

3- Note: it is important to measure everything before paste, so that everything is at the same height

4- Paste the chopsticks on top of the cake and the drawings

5- Finally, put the others character how do you prefer 🙂


Mia Bori says:

What type of paper did you use ?

Mileth Fajardo says:

Hi po, ask lang po kung ano pong gamit nyo na papel for printing? Photo paper, sticker o coupon bond lang po? Maraming salamat po

Cristine Saw says:

Hi pwede mo malaman ano gamit nyong printer machine brand and model?

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