How to make a Minecraft Papercraft Bendable Wolf (sits down)

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Design By Rooterbuster:

Difficulty: ★★★★☆
Paper type: Cardstock/Craft Paper.

In this video we’re making a cool bendable wolf that can switch from a sitting position and and normal standing position! The wolf is a neutral mob in minecraft and can either become hostile if you attack it. Or it can become friendly if you tame it using bones from skeletons!


Patsy Morrison says:

could u make a warden and goat and axoltl

Atharv Jain says:

I will also try to make it, ?nice

Elizabeth Calderon says:

Y si no tienes de esa hoja dobable ?????????????????????????

Jayden Police44 says:

What paper you use

Jose Torres says:

it body is incorrect

robotface0's channel says:

Pls make non tooth pick

Juana Ramos says:

Who got this reccomended when they where watching minecraft/ dream

unnati koli says:

can you give the template in only one sheet if any one haves it please tell

MinecraftGamerz Gaming says:

Why you don't make articulation to the rear legs? But I made small joint for it to move its rear legs. I know how to change a Minecraft character into a bendable character it's very easy. 🙂

Rubao says:

Optimus Prime turns into a truck, bumblebee turns into a car, dog turns into qoute on qoute
sitting position

Jessica Ibaceta says:

Ase un golen

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