How to Make a Non Stop Heron's Fountain

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Make a non stop water fountain out of 3 plastic bottles and straws. This really cool self pouring liquid science trick is a great experiment to try at home. More Science Experiments here:

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DaveHax says:

More Awesome Science Experiments Here:


I saw this because nonstop fountain but it is not non stop fountain i didnt like so much but nice

MspecW Musical Spectrum Waves says:

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성골진골 says:

나이스 굿, Nice Good!

שמעון כהן says:

לא אובד

Asha Gupta says:

When I made it so the water was coming out between the bottle caps

Zeeshan Shaik says:

Pleases ? if ur human?

chandar bhati says:

Click bait,? you said its non stop.


…✍️ ? ?

Christian George Canicosa says:

If u wanna restart it just break the glass


Mine is not working

Dave Lucas says:

Come on folks, Heron's fountain is a hydraulic machine that demonstrates the principles of hydraulics and pneumatics. Flow of water from high gravitational potential energy to low gravitational potential energy causes a fountain to form, due to increasing pressure on the inside of the system. Great demonstration.



Rajan Kartik says:

its not non-stop its a 1 minute fountain

magic king says:

I messed up and the steps are really easy to I must be really dumb ?

Cesar Milo says:

How effective will this be in replacing a pump for a fish tank?

robtk3 says:

"If you're not comfortable using a drill, use a knife." ?‍♂️

Michael Joseph says:

Where’s the perpetual motion flow of the water ?
I thought it was a non stop fountain, isn’t it ?

MeowX Squared says:

Just like relationship, you thought its perpetual but its not

Miguel Baltazar says:

you forgot one thing: adult supervision

St Sabados says:

Will it run, actually Non-stop if the water levels are set just right?

aleyaumaira says:

Can we make cheese fountain with it? I think we can lmao

Prantic says:

Very nice explanation, b4 I used to think there was anti-gravity which lifts the water up again…. 🙂

Florence Pelletier says:

how many time untill it stops???

aurora randazzo says:

I love that

Justine Christian says:

have an assignment to make a recycle thing and I want to make a waterfall by using plastic box,plastik bottles and toothbrush box Im from Indonesia and I speak English and Indonesia and I found this the materials is free I just using that

zak progii says:

It was invented by the Arab in middle age still working in Spain Sevilla

Abhijit Godbole says:

Smart idea in the ending

Ink Sans says:

I DID THAT TOO! ❤️❤️❤️

Bushra Safi says:


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