Parents Guide to Minecraft – What You Need to Know

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What parents need to know about Minecraft. We explain what it is and how it could affect your child.

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Luis Aguilera says:


Luis Aguilera says:

Mincraft is litteraly so child friendly you can give it to a 1yr old!!!!

Luis Aguilera says:


Niño James Valencia says:

What is age rated to play minecraft

Frank Moon says:

Can you talk to the minecraft oner thst update the game cause they made a bull shit up date and I can’t get in my account I went to download app store and send them a message asking cam they get rid of it they never did so i stop playing for a little then I got to to plsying it i still need a Xbox live to get on

Zuperdude7 says:

1:51. that is an outlyer. you did not show the thousands of other clips of people enjoying the game and going about it peacefully. some absolute bullshit.

Zuperdude7 says:

minecraft has fantasy and very cartoonish violence, nothing harmful to children of any age. the beauty of minecraft is that you can do anything, so you can do bad stuff, but not really. if you want to "protect" your child from the "pain" of griefing (which isnt that painful anyway and has its own fun benefits) than only allow them to play certain servers.

Banana split says:

okay boooommmmeeeeeerrrrr

BmHenry says:

This guy is an idiot

Parmesh Patil says:

Don’t listen to this guy, Minecraft is a great game in singleplayer and multiplayer, bullying and greifing only occur on cheap servers with bad hosts and bad players, playing on small servers with friends or on large servers with 300+ people are often very safe and have censor chat and anti grieving settings. Hopefully if I get enough likes we can take down this video and remove this stereotype.

mcsquad 34 says:

That guy is violent to other kids who play minecraft in online.
Me: that kid is just a nerd or a spoiled kid thats why hes shouting not all of is kid like that nerd

Perry Terry says:

Sthappp please

Hyenaide says:

I’ve been playing minecraft since i was in elementary and i’ve never been bullied, everyone was nice to me in the game.

2500 Russian boi says:

my parents dont care about the main point of a any game, its about the price 0_0

Ultrathemeus says:

“can be quite violent”
-has kid swearing in voice
-minecraft vanilla doesnt have voice chat
also Singleplayer….. and you can play with your friends on realms or on LAN….

Mohammad Fawaz says:

Was looking for a good guide on Minecraft from a parent's perspective and this is helpful, thanks. I do wonder how all these kids and people without kids found this video and started downvoting/leaving angry comments though…

Anyway, I've been thinking of playing Minecraft together with my daughter (who is only 5) but we'd probably just play offline and also try and turn off (if that's possible) most of the more survival focused features. As she gets a hang of the controls and concepts I'll let her take control herself. Should be fun 🙂

ligitIboy says:

This is not at all what happens on online servers such as the hive wtf

Rebecca Green says:

Even the person who had his brain removed knows that Minecraft is not a voilent game

Rebecca Green says:

If any parent saw this they would literally think that every game with pixels is evil

Joshy Yeeet says:

Lol u could download badlion client

Aneesa Mohamed says:

Me not angry wen greefd cool anger down and be sad

DraganoughYT says:

This is on one game and schools in Sweden or something play as this game

Ozan K. says:

this is not games fault this is parents fault 1.44

Utkarsh Rawat says:

Guys I need a favor from ya'll.

Dislike this or be a traitor.

Oh, so you didn't do it??
Its, TREASON then!


uhh we build cities,water parks,PLACES survive,hang out not VOICE CHAT OR CUT POSST SOME CLIPS FROM YOUTUBE WICH WERE FUNNY AND I SAW THEM YES just using it to make violence,dude do NOT give ur stupid information on tuff u dont know about,dude just please stop ok?try playing the game AND THEN complain,NEVER do ikt with any sort of gameunless you played it,GOT IT?or else i wil have to report you,im being a karen here,this is minecraft!!!

release your inner weeb says:

yall are retards to think this game is bad for kids

Angela Gille says:

Minecraft isn't just for fun its for making good old memories

Partha Mandal says:

Minecraft is most addicted game
It destroyed my brother's life

r2tired says:

whats wronjg with bullying five year olds on minecraft

Mirna Pasic says:

It is when you're playing this game that 5 min feels like an hour. But addiction is when you can't sleep,eat,not even stop playing the game and less than 1 percent of players are showing addiction sign

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