10 Things Parents Need to Know About Minecraft

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What is Minecraft? Why do kids love Minecraft? Here’s are the top 10 things parents need to know about the popular game.


Red Fawn says:

Stampy is kid friendly. Back when I first got minecraft for my ps4 I would watch him after school on my roku.

I am a cat person says:

this is in no way an expert review, you showed stamps for “inappropriate content” and yes, I have been playing stardew valley lately, come on, tell me how it is 13 plus, tell me, you are all terrible with your reviews, do you play the games you review? Like, I am curious

LE rage960 says:

Commen Sense Media has a YouTube channel?

Hacker gaming says:

Minecraft is a kids game

The_Crazy_Gamer says:

YouTube can be inappropriate. They showed stamps which is the most clean youtuber

Roblox Dash StudiosTM says:

I used to watch this back then for entertainment… I don't know why.

William K says:

i myself, addicted to it 😀 not just my kids. so we usually play together online on a server. we build houses & farms, mining, and hunting together.

jimena therichcat says:

what up with the cooky music

Pinya says:

Minecraft = boring after few hours.

Ibarra -_- says:

How do you teach English with Minecraft???

Maddox Cox says:

Short (or long) Rant –

Minecraft does have a story mode version released last holiday. Back in 2009, there were no kid and most of the audience is 13+ untill Beta came out. Yeah but cannot be played on 3DS handheld. A "private world" Are you girls soccermoms, i have found some kids friendly servers. It is voxels not pixels and the texture and resource packs change minecraft's look. As of 2011, They added adventure, hardcore, online, tutorial (console) and Lucky blocks (mod required). Smosh and Minecraft Universe are portrayed like Sesame Street and Barney, but Stampy has "inappropriate content". Yeah but isn't official company content unlike GoAnimate for schools.

Popsplayer says:

Them: Shows Stampy when saying kids can come across inappropriate content. Me: Stampy is the most kid-friendly YouTuber ever. xD

noway itsliam says:

Mm.. Yep stampylonghead is the devils spawn while smosh games is the Sesame Street of YouTube

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