DIY KIck the Buddy Game from Cardboard

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t started like an ordinary day for Samantha. Right before she got stuck in her sweater. Then the stream of events escalated. She overturned a pencil holder, got stuck in her trendy jeans with holes, accidentally poured out almost the entire contents of a salt shaker into her dish, missed her chair and ended up on the floor, splattered herself with water as she was washing dishes, and burnt her hand on a hair iron. Have you ever had a day like that?

Slime Sam is feeling sympathetic and he wants to cheer his friend up. He wants to bring Samantha some candies, but then he finds out that there are no more candies in the house! That only adds to his overall stress – he’s a very emotional slime and he takes everything that’s happening on the channel very close to his heart. If you want to help him right now, you can give all the videos a like. This will certainly make his day!

But Sam’s other friend, Sue, offers a different solution. She makes a cardboard version of Kick The Buddy game! To make this game, you will need some thick cardboard, a piece of sturdy wire, a few silicon ribbons, some paints for decoration, as well as hot glue! You’ll need to make a kind of a puppet out of cardboard ovals and circles and attach them to a cardboard box. Then you can vent your stress on the cardboard toy with any items you can find – a rolled up piece of paper, a little hammer, even a magic wand!

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