HALLOWEEN MONSTERS as GIRLS | Halloween Pumpkin Skeleton Monster

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The GREATEST holiday is upon us! Halloween is almost here!!! And I’m so stoked!! I bought a ton of Halloween Decor and came up with the idea to turn some of this decor into cute girls because why not?

I really hope you enjoy my spin on this!

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Halalela Art says:

Have any name suggestions for this girl? Let me know!!

TheGalaxyGirlz says:

I. Liked. Before the. Vid. Because. You. Don’t disappoint me lela ❤️

HetaliaRussiaFan 01 says:

Lela will you not do Inktober this year?..

Tea Time says:

ITS SPOOKY SEASON YALL! I can finally light the pumpkin candles that have been sitting in my closet!

Jlynn Proffitt says:

Is hala doing inktober this year?

Jlynn Proffitt says:

Pumpkinhead. Watch it lol xD

Creativa Artly says:

Spoopy and absolutely adorable! I love her!

Tremors Art says:

This is amazing!! ?? Damn my next video is a pumpkin head girl..

anna_bananna87 says:

Wooow ? ? ? Wonderful drawing! You are so talented ✨✨

Miruna Lupu says:

Lovely as always?

Lure Art says:

Yeahhhh…. I love this….

Hope Bryant says:

Have you thought about doing a video where you compare caliart markers vs. ohuhu markers? Would love to see that but i love your content anyways

Doodle Your Noodles says:

She looks so cute I love her!?
I love creepy stuff.
Can't wait for more of these videos.

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