Cleveland Parkour Tag Games – Star Wars and Minecraft Halloween Tournament

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Hello everyone here are some games my class plays to keep them active, moving and having fun. This is our Halloween event of the year and I will probably run another one before the season is over. We are thinking about setting up parkour tag tournaments so I am testing the waters here with these kind of games to see how the kids like it and by the film, I think they are having a pretty fun time. If you are interested in signing your child up /registration at the gym. Please PM and I will send you an email for registration. As a coach it’s really cool knowing the kids come to the gym and have a fun time, making my success as a coach grow more over time I try to do new things and setup new things all of the time to keep the kids not as bored. This is a test for a future parkour tag tournament so this pretty much explained to me how it will all work out. It’s always better for me to test new things out before we run them in circulation with the gym. Thank you for the view.

Music Copyright Information – Mainly for youtube’s purposes that this film is made for educational purposes which legally states we can use Music playing in the “Background” not downloaded they are all Youtube songs playing on a stereo to increase the fun of the school. They are not being used to gain views or any income. This is a non promotional film, so no income is made in the making of any of this. I have to explain things like this because Youtube does not hire people to look into it, it’s just a robot that auto detects music and then sends you a copyright notice because they do not hire people to do it. it’s all about cutting costs now days.


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