Papercraft Minecraft film goes a bit wrong

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We hope you enjoyed our Minecraft Papercraft video.
Credits to Daniel Cordell, Ross Atkin and Alice Russell

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About the Video:

We started designing the set by getting nets of Minecraft blocks from Pixel Papercraft, cutting them, printing them and glueing them. We made three different sets of designs of blocks; the tree trunk, the leaves of the tree and the wooden planks for the house. Once all the blocks were made, we designed the backdrop from a screenshot on the actual Minecraft game. We made the ground the same way. We designed the characters, printed them onto 190 gsm inkjet paper, folded and glued them. We added Fizzbits to make them move. It took us four days to make the set and three hours to shoot a 1 1/2 minute video! But it was worth it in the end.

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Khantzaw Htet says:

Haha ,Steve is dead

fgdgtryh dfgrsgrtsr says:

Were you trying to make a charged creeper?


poor steve he was on fire lol

Remastered Unlimited says:

how did you make that steve? EDIT Nvm

Dragon Teeth says:

I love this lol

Video FX says:

never seen such a great video!! plus one subscriber!!

Ebanks Studios says:

It's because you didn't set /gamerule firespreads false

/ E_1 says:

I realized steve and creeper was being used with magnet under and over the table so that they can move without stoping the motion

Phobake Pinyorattanachot says:

That not a bit wtong but it big wrong XD very funny

sebastian villagra brawl stars y mas :D says:

0:54 R.I.P Steve ?

sherycuty says:

Good atleast you tried

OsiCola121 says:

It's Cute

Creeperboy099 says:

XD that was anticlimactic

Jonathan Luk says:

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. GAY

mihaela pihureac says:


Eku :D says:

One of My top 3 favorite videos and I can also make own characters and blocks thanks?

Team Freddy says:

I'm so sorry?☺?☺

Rhys King says:

what is the thing on steves head

Angelyto says:

pero el creeper explota no quema

Angelyto says:

:3 q tierno q es el crepper asta q zjgh89hgd98hf80rhjogfjhgiosjhdfi0ghrfi0gfhgofijhg'iogojkdgohjgo`jhipyhfiyhgghgmkhjhkkghjkgh

Aidan Guevara says:

Try stop motion

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