Easy DIY Minecraft Perler Bead Keychains & Magnets

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I don’t have enough diamonds to make a full set of armour, but I have lots of beads to do it! Here are some more keychain and magnets to try making that are super easy and fun! I made diamond helmet, chest plate, leggings, boots, diamond sword, trident, crossbow, bow and arrow keychains and magnets that only take around 10 minutes each to complete.

3D MINECRAFT FIGURES: https://youtu.be/gwrC9UChXtA

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Supplies to look into*:
Use code QDCRAFTS for 7% off orders of $30+ on Artkal’s website!
ARTKAL Beads: https://goo.gl/MTDUAN
Shiny Ironing Film: https://goo.gl/vo75SA
Mini Artkal Beads Sets: https://goo.gl/vDPRSY
Sorted Artkal Bead Sets: https://goo.gl/JrG7g5
Beading Accessories: https://goo.gl/NPVVB4
Amazon Perler Beading Supplies: https://goo.gl/cFrXY5

PS The projects that I designed are not for commercial use. If you want to recreate or modify one of my project templates and post it, please tag me @QDCrafts or #qdcrafts so I can see it and remember to always BE CREATIVE! 😀

Email: qdcrafts@yahoo.com

Here’s a poem:
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gatcha._. panda says:

Pls pls pls can you make a 3d panda

Redoxi says:

You could do some DIY for Animal Crossing, like a leaf keychain or a character in 3D, like cof cof Isabelle cof, i'm just saying

Deepashree Wagle says:

Use iron block and pumpkin

Deepashree Wagle says:

Iron golmn make one

Deepashree Wagle says:

Can you go in to minecraft make an ieon golmn

Deepashree Wagle says:

I made the trident went well also the fox head

Melissa Nesteruk says:

Can you make a Minecraft 3D pig

Nicola Cowboy says:

could you posssibblllyyy do a moobloom? they're so cute

అఖిలాండేశ్వరి says:

OMG you actually look like Dora in Dora the lost city of gold

I live your vids


can you make minecraft 3d perler witch,elder guardian or zombie pigman?


The trident

John Tesler says:

you know what would be great, if you made a gaming channel as in like a minecraft lets play on a new world that would be really cool and maybe even if you could find a texter pack that makes everything look like perler (or artkal) beads

Aves says:

hey! can you please make an ender dragon tutorial?

John Gomez says:

Makes me wonder, is it possible to make miniature like works for D&D?

perler bead DIYs says:

where did you get ironing film? I can't find it…

slenderdude plays says:

can you please make a Piglin, Piglin brute, and a Zombiffied Piglin from the nether update please

Lhianna Reese De Luna says:

Hi I'm new fans uhm can you do giveaway but I'm from Philippines :((?

Aesthetic Gurl says:

I am so happy to see your still a perler beader! You are so great at it and I am just getting into perler beads ?

Tom T says:

I don't know about you swinging that diamond sword about like that, seems to be a bit dangerous to me, unless… you must be in creative mode!

Roderick Chow says:

And also I love Minecraft

Roderick Chow says:

Amazing work

Adriana Paola Rivera Serra says:

I like yours tutorials

Adriana Paola Rivera Serra says:

I like so much your channel

Sniper Iguana OwO says:

Wow amazing!!!

Toast says:

Among Us in background in begginning, NOICE

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