10 Fantastic Fall Themed Crafts To Make At Home

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Fall has arrived, so wrap up warm and get crafting with these 10 fantastic fall themed crafts that you can do at home!

0:00 – Fall Globe Decor
0:55 – Fall Leafs Flower Glass
1:37 – Clay Leaf Jewelry Holder
3:01 – Fall Candle Holders
3:39 – Leafs Fairy Lights
4:00 – Hanging Bird Seed Decor
4:50 – Hanging Glitter Leafs Decor
5:25 – Leaf Jar Mood Light
6:00 – Acrylic Leaf Candle Cover
8:51 – Felt Bird Ear Muffs

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fifihatestrump laa says:

Ugh the music tho ?

Honey Finau says:

When they said 'fantastic' they over exaggerated. Some ain't worth the time.

Fatma Aydın says:


Marlene says:

Acrylic leave candle cover not worth all that time …

jmluvs MFD says:

be nice if you said what you were using and doin

Tiffany Blancher says:

leaf globe you can use hot water and baby oils to do the same thing

Keistline says:

1:35 – you see that texture? If it's possible to make it of real leaves, then why you didn't do that?

Julita Pawłowska says:


Lucky Alox says:

Never apear the necklace

Shiven kumar singh says:

In bird muffs did u use normal headbands?

Maria Leon says:

What is the glycerin for?

Determined To Rise! says:

Cool stuff!!! I urge you to do more Fall crafts sooon in your channel

Serin Homsi says:

I dunno these are kinda boring

Sriracha Sauce says:

this video is full of lies smh

Kelda Og says:


Carol Gibbons says:

Great ideas! 🙂

Space_ Fox says:

the version of a snow globe in the autumn style is very interesting, but the glue for the gun is absolutely useless, I have encountered it myself. the figure will simply fly off, as this glue does not tolerate contact with water.

Pietra Vanderputten says:

2:10 thats not fall but ok

Louis Louis says:

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Very creative!! Thank you for this! Just subscribed!! ?

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